About us


My name is AWA DOUMBIA but you can call me Awa Choco, I am the creator of the concept Afrikanlifestyle Sweden and I came from the African
Continent. My country name is Mali in the Western side of Africa. I am living in Sweden since December 2016.

When I arrived in Sweden, I have automatically remark that this is different from home, from the beauty taste to the food taste. Even most of the people thinking that
our continent is a country, but it is not..

Africa count 54 different countries, from the north to the south, from the east to the west and the central. We are different by the Tradition, the cultures, the ethnicity, the food taste and the beauty taste but we have one big point to share all is Love.

We like to give love around us, our different foods are exotic and delicious, we have audacious taste of hair cut but they look beautiful.

This is not my blog of me but it is our blog. It belong to you Africans women, you African gender and African transgender. Join to me to make our virtual African family in Sweden here. The concept of this blog is to share beauty tips, different African food receipt and talk also about taking care of ourselves.

You will get new trend hair style, make up tutorial, nails design tutorial, face taking care, how to take care of the black skin in Scandinavian weather, home food receipt, how to take care of your kitchen and your house, what to avoid to eat and what to eat without moderation, working out tips, we will dance together on African rhythm to sweat and loose weight. We will also share our tradition and secret stuff about how to take care of your intimate part.

I will love to do this adventure with you because I think that it is going to be exiting. Afrikanlifestyle Sweden have a Instagram account, a twitter account, a Facebook Page and Facebook group that you can join or follow. We also have our snap-chat. All is on the right side on the website; you just have to click on your choice icon and follow.

For any ideas about this blog, any partnership or collaboration contact us on afrikanlifestylesweden@gmail.com, so please enjoy your exploration on your favorite blog.