Makeup causes acnes?

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hello, beautiful people welcome again for this new article about makeup and skin. I love to wear makeup and I can’t be without. I am addicted. but maybe too much of makeup is dangerous for my skin. I have experienced it, and I fixed that problem, but I really want to share my Experience with you about how dangerous makeup has been for my skin recently.

Everything starts when I got a fulltime job and I had to work 40 hours a week or four to five days a week.  I care for my appearance and my look so every day I was doing my makeup routine: eyebrow foundation, contour, setting powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and so and so. same things every day before going to work. I was spending 10 hours outside sometimes 11 hours before to come back home. I could feel that was really getting too much for my face skin. Sometimes I was so tired that I just take a simple shower and don’t care too much about cleaning deeply my face. Then I start to see acne, one every week, then 5 every week and when they were drying, they left this horrible dark spot on my face.

that even push me to put more foundation to hide them, it was getting worst and worst. I could not recognise my own face. I had tried all kind of dark spot remover: No results,  anti-blemish foundation: No results, golden mask: No result as much I was still making up my face and the problem was getting comfortable on my face. after trying every solution, from Bio to no Bio, I decided to stop with Makeup for a while and see.

You will never guess! stopping makeup after two weeks, my face starts to get his texture and his quality. I could not believe myself. Then I start to think that maybe I was allergic to makeup. Then I did some researches about make up allergy, but I could find nothing similar to my case. I, one day watch a youtube video that was really explaining my problem. I then, realised that it was not the makeup

causing me all these problems but the way I was doing it. If you like to wear makeup you should never.

Wear makeup for long hours

Never sleep with makeup

Always apply good primers before your foundation

Clean deeply and extra deeply your face before going to sleep

Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes at least two times a week

Face scrub and clay mask one time a week.

After applying these rules I got back my skin perfect and I can still wear makeup when I want.

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Awa Choco

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