Awa choco visited Tallin/ Estonia


Hello beautiful people, this was a really good weekend. For a very good occasion, I just visited Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia. First, I was sceptical

to take the trip to Estonia, because I have heard that it is low in population and not very big and also not much to do, but believe me, that is the rumour. Yes, of course, Estonia is not a big country but there is a lot of things do to in Tallinn.

-Tallinn has a very easy system of transportation, with enough Tram in the City. They have a different type of Taxi that is really not expensive compared to Scandenavian´Taxi. Better you can even use Uber, I used Uber for all my stay it was around 5€ for a ride, like from my hotel in the Oldtown to the Tallinn Mall, or to the Airport. I also bought three days Tram ticket at 7€ with the cost of the card.

I once sat inside the Tram from the old town to the modern town and it took me around 5 mn. To not miss any details of Tallinn I decided to just walk more than using transportation.

                                              What to do in Tallinn?

Stay in the old town to more enjoy Tallinn! the old town is like the heart of Tallinn. Good restaurants, good pubs and bars, visiting sites and funnier things are in the old town. The old town is Touristique area. By his old architecture and beautiful designs, you will enjoy the views of every building in the Old town of Tallinn.


-TOA TASTE OF ASIA: Are you Asia food lovers? Spicy, noodle, curry, spring rolls, are well made in Toa restaurant. Good prices good services relaxed local a little bit out of the old town. I went to that restaurant two times during my stay in Tallinn. it is Extremely good food.

-OLDE HANSA(The rich merchant old house) is a mediaeval restaurant in the Tallinn old town, you will

not enjoy medieval food anywhere else than in the Olde Hansa. Good service, good drinks and the best of taste followed by nice medieval melodies. Just near the restaurant is the medieval souvenir shop where you can buy ginger beer, berry or spicy shots, medieval soap from rose and other natural product. Don’t miss to visit Olde Hansa during your stay In Tallinn.





-THE RED ROOFS OF THE OLD TOWN, I could not visit those red roofs but I can promise you that you will get one of the best views of Tallinn because my friend Adelaide visited these red roofs.

-NAUTILUS is a seafood restaurant in the old town. Are you Shimp or other crustaceans lovers like me?  Well, visit Nautilus restaurant. You will enjoy the taste of well-made crabs and shrimps served on ice with tasty dip sauces or grilled fishes, take with some organic white wine.

-PIERRE CHOCOLATERIE: you should not miss the sweet delicious chocolate cakes, tea and coffee of Pierre Chocolaterie. A perfect place to sit and talk with a friend, nice decor and nice atmosphere. one of my favourite places again. I visited it two times during my stay 

-SPA and relaxing are part of Estonian lifestyles you will find hundreds proposition of spa from low budget to the expensive ones.

-SHOPPING IN TALLINN: What is a vacation without some shopping?  I love shopping especially when you can have good stuff at low prices. Count on me to give you tips about shopping in Tallinn. Just near to the old town, you will see the Viru shopping centre, you can go there if you have a lot of money to spend! But if you really want to do a really good shopping with a limited budget, go to Tallinn Mall. OMG crazy accessories, Handbags, shoe, Clothes and Italian underwear, the Mall of Tallinn was the best place to visit for someone like me who is suffering from ShoppingMania 🙂 

-CITY TRAIN in the old town will help you to visit every street in the Old Town.

-STRIP CLUB, and a lot of bars in every corner of the old town. Drinking beer and eating meat is like some kind of tradition there, so everyone gets his taste.

I tell you that travelling is the best things to do and to get inspiration. The trip to Tallinn was really full of surprises, Emotions. Thank you, Adelaide, for your precious time, meeting you in Estonia was one of the good surprises that Tallinn had for me. we thought that we were the only black in Tallinn.

Thanks to all my beautiful readers, Just to inform you that the blog will be available in French and Swedish soon, Don’t forget to subscribe, Follow us on Instagram facebook or twitter. Now you have a new category on the blog named Gossip and News.

Awa Choco.

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