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hello, beautiful people, I hope you are doing well and I am great, I feel fine and I love myself again. what I have learned in 2018 were mostly that the importance, my personality could have like impact on other people ´s way to see things. Life was full of challenges this year but it was one of the most beautiful years of my life. I have cried, I felt down, I was worry and scared I was happy, I had a crazy time but I also got and gave love and assistance to those that needed it.


. Love yourself without limit, be selfish sometimes and try to push yourself to the level that you want to succeed.

. Shut up about your secrets. don’t share every-things with everyone. Remember every one around you are not your friends. Many laughs with you but want to see you fall.

. Try to be gentle and nice as much as you can, because people forget easily what good you have done for them and remember the little mistakes you made. so when your good deeds are much than the bad you won´t feel guilty.

. Dream big and believe in your own capacity to resolve your problems. don’t count on anyone except you.

. Go for it when you feel it. stop to treat people of your present by the mistakes of people of your past.

Love when you feel to love, Give when you feel to give, cry when you feel to cry, and dance when you feel to dance.

2019 will be full of happiness, Joyce, blessings, good news, love, love and love…….



my friend Christian and me. i learn a lot from Christian. in 2018 i was homophobe, by talking with Chris i am not homophobe in 2019. try the change…. you never know!!!

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