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hello beautiful people! I hope that you are fine and I got all your messages, I have missed you too and can’t wait to give you news. Call me now Stockholm Bad Girl. I am making my space in Stockholm, This summer was one of the most beautifull ones, even though that I have not travelled. now I am working in Arlanda international airport of Stockholm and I like what I am doing. Same time I killed it also by my new summer styles with some cheap and sexy outfits that you can afford without spending much.


Bik Bok was started by two Norwegians in 1973. Their intention was to create a fashion jeans brand for young girls. Bik Bok quickly became a popular brand and was sold in many stores throughout Norway and Sweden. Soon after, Bik Bok had created an entire collection, and in 1978 Bik Bok opened its first store in Oslo.

Today we have 200 stores across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Austria.

This is one of my favourite brands just now. they make a very stylish outfit at a good price. I just feel like it is the only brand making my size clothing that really fit me well let see two of their outfits that I rocked with this summer.

I was not alone to love this gown more of you did also. Details: BIKBOK purple gown that I bought around 15€.

Forget about my top look at the shirt so classic and sexy. Well, that one also is from BIKBOK around 20€.




I really don’t need to present you H.M, you know it, and most of my clothes are from H.M. I have been like Beyonce with one black shirt that I bought around 5€ from HM.

Girls you don’t need a lot of money to be glamour and sexy. check this two brands for this summer you will like them.

take care and enjoy your summer, kiss kisss kisss……… Thank Chantalle and Charlie to make this summer beautiful…..


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