A black girl in Stockholm


Hello beautiful people, hope you are fine and that spring is waking you well. I am already in Stockholm for almost 2 months and I can not say that I am enjoying it. Well, Stockholm is a beautiful European city, and impossible to get bored here with a lot of different programs every weekend. Stockholm is a place that you can meet a mix of races: Arab, Thai, Chinese, black, white and more and more….. But it is also a place that most of the people are so busy with other people’s style and looks that they even forget why they go out.

Everywhere in the world, when people go out it is to meet their friends, their relatives, enjoy the time, eat good food, talk about their different project, dance or drink, take a good walk be happy with the energies they give to each other and for me, that sounds ok. But in Stockholm it is like some people just go out to gossip, I call them the self-perfect Svenskar (self-perfect Swedish).

Self-perfect Svenskar is those that think that they always have a perfect look, a perfect haircut, perfect makeup, perfect clothes and perfect shoes because they are in the copy paste mood. If you are living or want to move to Stockholm and you don’t like to copy paste your style or your fashion, please don’t be surprised to be the centre of the self-perfect Svenska’s discussion.

Sometimes you feel like they want you to know that they are talking about you, The way they look at you or point their fingers at you or even begin to laugh like crazy for you to hear their voices. How stupid and ignorant can some people be!

If you are a Self-perfect Svenska and you are reading this article I want you to understand that people came from different places and they have different taste of style. We African we are different from the style, different by the fashion taste even our hair cut  style  it is very different, so if you meet us in the stan and you think that we have strange haircut because it is afro or big, strange clothes because it has a lot of motives and color or strange makeup because we have big lips, please just past and enjoy your time with your relatives, and let us enjoy ours also. You can not take me for your conversation subject just because that I don’t have yellow straight hair or because I didn’t wear all black or all white, you cant make me feel bad in a club or a bar just because that I am different to what you use to see. I do not copy paste and let me be Me where I want to go as long that I can pay my own drink and my metro ticket.s

The self-perfect Svenka is not forcibly a Swedish, you can get it in other races living in Stockholm as well.

If I see a black African girl in Stockholm trying to resemble a white woman, I don’t blame her because I know that it is not her fault. It is not everyone that is strong and can resist to the mockeries,  probably in the beginning she felt embarrassed anytime when she went out and then she thought that she could feel better if she tried to do the Copy Paste. It is a reason that most of the afro girls living in Stockholm are losing their Africanity.

If you are an African girl and you are reading this article I want you to be proud of your origins, your culture, your choice of clothes and your makeup, I want you to know that you are beautiful in your way. Your afro hair is soo nice. And be strong anywhere you will go because Stockholm belongs to all of us.


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  1. That is true! You look so beautiful when you are yourself. Be sure that you make Stockholm shine and colorful. You r also strong as Jack Daniel 🥃, Sweet as Amarulla.

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