Relaxation stress free massage in Paris, a beautiful African lady will take care of your stress. trip to Paris part 4

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One of my favourite moment when I travel is the discovery of what the young African community can do. They are really fighting, they are creating a lot of projects. They have the entrepreneurship. So I always go to them and find out what they are doing, then I can post it on the blog.

In Paris, I met one beautiful and strong African lady. She created her own business about wellness massage for women and babies.

Before my trip, I had heard about Sieta Aly 25 years old, people said that she has miraculous fingers about massage, she is Massage Therapist. So after my visit to Paris and after cooking and eating good food in the restaurant O3T, passing through all those Metro in Paris Town, I was so stressed and tired and, I just felt that is was the good moment to contact Sieta and have a massage before for my trip back in Sweden. 

Sieta answered my call and told me that she is so happy that I contacted her. I asked her if she could come to my hotel and take care of me.

That is not a problem give me your hotel address and I will be there soon said Sieta to me.

I: Will you allow me to take a video about what you will do and post it on the African

Sieta: Yes, of course, I will love that Awa.

And I contacted Aziz, my video technician, I ask him to come to the hotel, because I will like to have Sieta on the blog. I felt in the small discussion I had with Sieta that she really love what she is doing. It is a passion to her. That is what we should encourage with the young generation.

You can see in the video below what Sieta did to my body. 

After that beautiful moment with Sieta i slept like a baby until the next morning, and I woke up and took my way to the airport with the same taxi driver that took me in the arrival to Paris. 

I saw my people cleaning hotels, restaurants and other kinds of down Job in Paris to survive. Some are begging money and French told them to go back in their country like they don’t want them in France. I saw a man with a good talent just singing in the metro station in Paris

Things that they will never accept to do home that is what most of them are doing in Paris, I don’t think that it is necessary to take the boat and risk lives for that.

I want You, my brothers and sisters, to read and share this article. But meditate on it, create, realise, don’t underestimate job in Africa and come to do the same in France. What you can do in Europe you can do the same in Africa and contribute to the development of your home. you know what Europe and America are finished to be developed.



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