My trip to Paris to see the lifestyle of Africans living in France part 2

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Finally we were in Paris, and I am desperately looking to be in my hotel room and  get some rest. I was small sceptic about the hotel that I booked, because the comments about it  was fifty good and fifty bad. Anyway let’s go to see. I was talking with my taxi driver while he was driving me from the airport to my hotel. I had remarked that Paris is full of lights in the night, Paris have a lot of buildings and it was very bad weather that night.

Guess the origin of my taxi driver?

Well, another African from Cameroon and he speak two languages (English and French). So we were talking in both languages. Talking with him was helping me to prepare myself of what was gonna happen. when I told him the name of my hotel, I could read the disappointment on his face.

I ask him directly: Do you know that hotel or what? Please tell me if is not a good place.

Him: Noo, my sister let go to see first, if you don’t like it, we will find something for you don’t worry. Anyway the next time when you are coming in Paris let some of your friends find something for you with your budget.

And then I began to stress, the question that was making me tired was : How I was gonna find some thing in this Paris in this time of the night. I was hoping that I liked this hotel that we were going because I already know that in the opposite way I will loose time, energy and money. 

Hipotel Paris Père-Lachaise République, we are there, the hotel that I have booked and from their area, I allready know that I  have messed up.

The hotel was looking very small and not hygienic inside. I asked to my taxi driver to please come withe me and check up inside, if I don’t like it he could help me to find something else. And he accepted. 

In the reception the man asked me my name and all my informations, gave me the key of my room and told me that it was in the 4th floor. He automatically said: It will be 350 euro for 5 nights and you need to pay before to go in the room.

And I replied: No Monsieur I can’t pay before to see my room. I need to first visit my room and see if I like it or not before to pay.

Him : no problem!

I went up with my driver, it was a hell to pass through the elevator, so small and slow, the smell of the halls in this hotel can’t give me the force to stay here. finally I arrived in my room and: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? 

it was not that room that I have seen the photos on Are them joking with me? This room looks like pass room not for some one that gonna stay here for four days. I can’t. Let go down I said that to my driver.

In the reception down I told to the reception man: I can’t stay in this hotel Monsieur.

Him: But if you can’t stay here I can’t do nothing for you because the reservation you did on is not cancellable.

Me: Are you joking with me or what? Give me the number of, I am gonna call them.

I was talking in French with this man and I could feel the arrogance in him. I was just hopping that the person that will take my phone in booking will be less arrogant than him. I remember many people said that French are arrogant. He gave me the number of booking and I called them. Booking told me that if I was going to cancel this reservation, I will loose like 51€. I prefer too loose that amount than to stay in that hotel. so my driver and me began to hunt a new hotel in almost 10 in the night in Paris. we called all hotel that he knew, but all were full. I was in Paris February 11 just 3 days before Valentin’s day, no hotel, I was tired, I just lost 51 euro, and probably gonna pay more for the taxi. This trip is not beginning well for me.

After a long research we finally got IBIS BUDGET in MONTREUIL, a commune in the eastern suburb of Paris. The same amount. 350 Euro for 5 nights and I got the panoramic view on EIFEL TOWER. Clean hotel and perfect for me. Now I can have a rest . I payed 50 Euro to my taxi driver and let him go.

I got inside my room and removed my Wig. 

I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep all the night but I was enjoying my view. and I was counting time want the morning to come. Want to visit Paris.

February 12, I went down in my hotel took my breakfast and come back took a  shower just down outside of my hotel were people fixing tents for like outside market and bazar. Of course want to visit also, probably I can get cheaper stuff there. 

You will see the live video that I took from that bazar on my Facebook account

Ps: the perfume Lancôme that I bought from the bazar was not the original, so I brought it back to the seller in the afternoon and took back my money. But it was a lot of cheap things in that market.

I couldn’t pass 2 meter without meeting a black in Paris. I am believing almost that France is getting colonized, at his turn to be a colony that belong to we Africans that they have colonized before. In the metro, streets, taxi, every where Africans were there. Black that even talking in their home language, like they were not living in France. Paris is not what they let us see in TV, Paris is also for poor people and their Metro smelling very bad. Arrogance, and arrogance again. don’t even try to speak English with them, because they will answer you always buy French. For them every one should speak French. I think that French people are disappointed by the fact that English became the first world language in.

After my market experience I decide to go and get a little rest inside, because I was  feeling weak. I think that my Paris visit will probably be tomorrow of course.

Paris is expensive, and I was getting bored, I don’t know what to do. no one to help me for visiting or do something interesting. Anyway I am hungry; since this trip begun I did not eat well and I needed to eat African food, that is the only food that could make me strong just now. Before I came to Paris they told me about one African Restaurant that had buffet of African food and I really wanted to visit it. So my tomorrows program will be about that restaurant. Of course if it is a good restaurant I need to interview the owners. I will also look to have a cook seance with them. Then I can have a receipt with them for the blog. I called them by phone and I told them that I am interest to have video with them for my blog and they accepted without a problem. the woman sound very nice in the phone. And we programed a appointment on February 15, in the restaurant to meet  and taste their good food.



But what will I do on the February 14 in Paris? I was alone no questions to think about love in Paris. I am there for work and don’t have lover there. But I can enjoy visiting EIFEL TOWER and ARC DE TRIUMPH. I will see all those lovers from deferent part of the world that came in Paris to celebrate Valentin’s day. I will go to visit all those fashion shop in Paris on CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES. 

So keep online, share, follow us on facebook, instagram and snapchat of the blog and the next part will be publish soon…..



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