My trip to Paris in France to see the life style of Africans living in France part 1

africans in the world

After my trip to Berlin where we have learned about African life style in Germany, I decided this time to visit France.
France, the country of Fashion and special gastronomes. France that you need to see before to understand the life style. France of Louis De Funest. France that have big name that itself.
Sunday February I began my trip to France of course passing by Oslo like always where I have to meet Eidem for our breakfast before all trip of me.

This day it was not bad weather in Scandinavia here. And this time no way to get place with Norwegian air line, cause all places were booked. I choosed Lufthansa airline for this trip. My flight was for 11.30 in the morning and I will be in Paris 10 passed 19, I know you asking yourself why so long flight? Well Lufthansa will pass 4 hours by transit in Munich, Germany. And myself I still don`t have hotel room in Paris but anyway my plan was to profit and book something while transit time in Germany.
We arrived in Munich international Airport around 13 and i was hungry and tired because I slept very small the last night before my trip, this plane company just gave us a little sandwich in the plane but it was good taste.
Anyway I am gonna eat in this airport and find a room in Paris for my stay in France.
The time to get a sit and relax a little bit I got the visit of the custom in the transit, they want to see my passport, of course I am not surprised, well-; because custom in Europe use to do that with every single people with black skin every where in Europe. Even we are a group of 10 with only one with the dark skin, they will always come and ask to the black one his papers. A very simple way to tell us that we are not in our country here.
So they asked me my papers and I gave it to them and after control they just wished me safe flight and go to another black. And now I can of course find a room in one of the multiples hotel in Paris.
Connect on my iPhone I went to to find some thing  for my budget, and then I got one room in Hotel Pere la chaise somewhere in Paris. That one was good for me, because the price was good and I could manage my budget during my stay in Paris. Okey no problem I go for it, I booked that room because I liked the photo they put on Small relaxed now, let me find something to eat cause this transit gonna take 3 more hours again.

I went for food and come back near my gate and was looking for a sit again and charge my phone in the same time. The only place I could get to sit and charge the phone was near two men that talking a lot, one is black and the other white. They were talking about everything and nothing. Anyway that is the only place I can get so I am gonna do with it.

I was looking the time every five minute and was a little bit stress to discover Paris, after what every one talking about it. Some say that Paris is belonging more to black than white nowadays, and some said that it is a very expensive town but I was mostly thinking about how Wonderfull it could be for me to discover the lifestyle of my people in France and of course discover Champs-Élysées and all this fashion shops. I was thinking to the people that expecting me in France, the people that want me to put their business on the blog. I am feeling that this is gonna be one of my favorite trip ever. And suddenly I heard a voice that asking that: is it Oslo the capital of Switzerland? And then I can’t ignore that one I must introduce myself to tell them that Oslo is the capital of Norway  not of Switzerland.

Then the black man directly ask me if I came from Oslo and I told him that :

– No! I don’t came from Oslo but no so far from there cause I am living in Sweden in a small town near to Oslo. But I always take my flights from Oslo and I like this town. And you where are you living ?

 The Black Man:- I am living in Paris and I was in Germany here for business. I am in cars business.

Without even ask his personal staff he began to talk with me like we know each other for long time. That is our way to do in Africa, we just need only the first contact and then every things just got naturally. I have been talking with the black man more than 2 hours without even knowing his name and him neither about me.we couldn’t stop to talk. We talk about how he got himself in Europe and his regrets to just gave up all is live, family and friends in Ivory Cost and just decided to do the adventure in Europe. This man was living well in Africa, he was driving expensive cars and was grooving with expensive girls. Look at him now in Europe a common black man who have to live with stress and wake up with envy to get back his live of before.

Europe is not what most of the people think when they are in Africa…. Anyway I will not come on that subject again because they always told me that if it is not what they are thinking why are we still living there? Why don’t we come back home. I am so tired to argue about that, let continue our trip.

Our flight was late of like 30 minutes and we finally got inside this plane, direction Paris yeah Paris.

I had like butterflies in my stomach when I heard the voice telling us that we were landing in Paris Charles de Gaulle. I had book a taxi the day before I arrived so

no stress about how to get to the hotel from the airport. It was night and Paris was shining like in the movie. 

Yes we arrived in Paris, the big Paris,Paris of Fashion, Paris of beauty, Paris of food and Paris of Louis Vuitton.

I want to explore everything here and I don’t want to miss any details.


keep online to read every details about this trip. there were a lot of unexpected story about this trip and you will be so surprise to read them. Please don’t forget share the blog and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and snapchat.

The part 2 will be publish soon……..



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