Easy exercises for beginners: How to develop down down down in the gym center

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Hello beautiful people. I decided to share with you my gym tips to develop the ass and hips easily and fast in the trainning center. You all have to know that I always begin by warming up on the carpet, walk fast in the speed of 5.5 for 10 minutes on the carpet.


And then I begin by squatting BARBELLS with 20 kilo each side in the SQUAT RACK. 8 squats by 4 times.

After that I use the butt development equipment that my fitness club have, to go one leg after another, each 8 push by 4 times, that depend of how you feel. 

For my final I use THE ADDUCTOR/ABDUCTOR MACHINE, most of the people sit and use that equipment, but I think that it work well when I am up and I can push more kilo. Just do how many times you can. 

You can just watch the video of that exercise take only 30 minute to develop your butt and hips in one month. You can go to the Gym just 2 times in the week.


Awa Choco



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