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This trip was a beautiful trip, it was rich of experience, i met wonderful people, ate delicious food and enjoyed the company of those who gave me there precious time.

Why did i go to Berlin?

I want to have the contact with African people living out of Africa. In France or Germany they call them the diaspora. And in English they call them expatriates. My plan it is also to know how they are living, what is their difficulties and the advantages in their living places so I can report to my readers. And the best way to know that, it is to talk with the president or the representant of the African community in the different places that they are living.

By the few contacts I have in Berlin, I got the telephone number of the representant of the African community living in Germany who is Mr. Muchtar Bakary Kamara. so I called him and fixed a appointment with him on January 10 2018.

I began my trip on January 09 2018 from Arvika, the little town where I am living in Sweden in Värmland,  to Oslo, the Capital of Norway where I had to take my flight to Berlin.

So I woke up very early, took the first train and began my trip. On my way I had first met a very interesting person and we have been talking for 2 hours. I will call him Mr. P. He was going in the Philippines for his holidays. Mr P. was a very open person. We talked about many different subject about life, about the differences of cultures. I could see on his face that he was so exicted to get to Asia and have a beautiful holiday.

Then when I arrive in Oslo I got a beautiful breakfast with Eidem in one nice and small restaurant where I took a very good porridge with blueberry inside before to continue to the airport of Gardermoen.

I arrived in the airport 2 hours before my flight with Norwegian, this low cost airline that i love to take all the time cause it is so comfortable inside with WiFi access during all my flight. I will probably travel less if Norwegian stop to fly. It is my favorite air company.  On board i fell like a princess and I even did not pay much.

In the plane I was so exciting to arrive to Berlin, I have been there more than one time before and I had only good memories about Berlin, from German’s gastronomy to the lifestyle. I like to be there, meet people and talk with them. So this one and a half hour flight was like 10 hours for me because i was in the rush to get down and explore Berlin in two days.

Finally it is 13.50 and my plane began to descend, and suddenly I arrived. Yes I arrived in Berlin. Is it not amazing? Just yesterday I was in Sweden and this morning took breakfast in Norway and will take my lunch in Berlin. I took like 30 minuts to get my hotel room. The room was comfortable, clean, in the 6st floor in Berlin central west, where i could enjoy the beautiful view of offices and nice Mercedes passing all the time.

I was felling very tired but i didn’t want to sleep, at least not now when I could enjoy Berlin, discover all those shoping centers, German Beer and the food. Yes i love to eat. I didn’t change even my cloths and I got down quickly and begun to hunt for food, I was hungry. The street near to my hotel was the perfect place to find good and delicious food. It was many restaurants,  almost difficult to choose what to eat. From Chinese, German, Oriental to the steak houses and more. I finally decided to eat a Kebab, Yes the true Kebab that I have not tasted since I was in Morocco. It was so delicious that I could not wait to swollow one bite before to take another bite.

After the food I decided to visit the shopping center KaDeWe, they said it is the most expensive shopping center in Europe. Myself I just wanted to visit it not to shop cause my budget was limited. In KaDeWe I have seen small things but extremely expensive that I can never buy in my life and if I can one day afford that to myself I will just prefer to give that money to the poor African kids in sufferance. 

In Berlin every shop can be empty, like no customers, except Lingerie Shops. Wahou, German woman dont play wit sexy lingerie, they buy it like they are wearing it one different every day. I was asking myself if there was one woman in this city who don’t wear lingerie. the price will not discourage them. Berlin must be hot in the night then. Me too I decided to please myself with some lingerie, who knows maybe it will make me more attractive for him, then i can make him more Crazy. I bought some sexy lingerie in Berlin at one Italian shop and i was very satisfied of them . When I tried them, I was felling myself so sexy and more beautiful that I began to admit that every woman should have some different lingeries. Yes now I understood why German women were in every lingerie shop in Berlin. 

After that little Shopping I decided to get back in my hotel and get some rest because the next day was the day that Mr. Kamara and me should meet for the interview. 

Wednesday January 10 2018 was the interview day, I almost didn’t sleep in the night. I had to prepare my Questions and myself for the interview that Mr. Kamara and me programmed for 5.PM in one African popular Restaurant in Kameruner STR.1, 13351 Berlin.

I just woke up, went for my breakfast down in the restaurant of my hotel, got up again in my room, tried to call my mom and my dad and asked for their blessings, talked with my friends Chantalle and Safi and gave my news on SnapChat and Instagram to my followers and I went out again to eat lunch. But this time i wanted to eat some German specialties. I got a suggestion from the girl in the reception and she told me to go to the Berlin Restaurant.

In Berlin Restaurant it was a good ambiance and good German food.

After my food i just returned in the hotel room where I could get some small rest before my interview time with Mr. Kamara.

On my way back I met some African people or some dark skin, and every time that I tried to got the eyecontact with anyone of them I was receiving a nice smile back, I could feel that they where so proud to come from this Africa and they wanted to show to me that we where the same. One thing I have appreciated in Berlin is that African Expatriates like each other, you can feel the love that they show out when they meet each other.

At 4.Pm i was ready, fresh and beautiful in my way, I came down in my hotel reception where i got my friend that decides to drive me in the African area, but before we went anywhere I asked him to take me a beautiful photo.

We took our road, this day Berlin was dark and cold. I was still enjoying the traffic and those beautiful cars on Berlin’s big roads and still thinking about my interview that I will get in a short time with Mr. Kamara. Trying to think about how I will approach him. and I heard my friend told me that we arrive in the African district where I could read on different street the name of different countries in Africa Str Kongo, str Kamerun or Guinea and more …

We arrived In Bantu Restaurant, with very beautiful decoration and I could feel that i enter home, by the way the woman in the restaurant received us and gave us a place to sit. I was hungry again by smelling African delicious food hoooo mamama miaaaaa. It was very good food there, it was the Cameroonian specialties. 

Mr Kamara just entered in the restaurant and i understood directly that was him because we have been talking in the phone and the African tone of french that he had was very similar to the Senegalese French. And in West Africa every one know how Senegalese are tall and very dark. We use to say that they are the real symbol of African beauty, because everything is brute on them. They are Natural and proud, they are the conservators of our stories in the West Africa. So Mr. Kamara was a worthy representative of African people of Germany.

We greated each other and took tea and directly the connection was between us, it was so easy to talk with him, we had almost the same vision, he was so intellectual by the way he was talking, I could see the love of his continent in him. I could feel how much he wanted to be there for his people.

After our interview we ate a nice dinner together and we had nice discussions with the others customers in the restaurant. We talked about the problems of the development, the poverty and how it will be nice to get a change for the new generation. The energy in the restaurant was beautiful and warm, I felt that i was home. Didn’t want to even return back in the hotel.

So after that beautiful moment I just decided to get to my hotel and Mr.Kamara decided to help me to get back without getting lost. That is the” Teranga” but in Mali we call it “Diatiguiya”. It means hospitality, and I got that from Mr.Kamara. He bought me food, payed for my Taxi and gave me every details that I needed about my people living there.

The next day January 11, 2018 was my return day to Sweden. I was happy, satisfied about this trip, wanted to get my laptop and begin to write for my readers. I woke up, took my breakfast and wore my clothes, packed my bag and left the hotel. It was just 9.AM and my flight was for 14.20 so it was very early to go to the airport now. But i wanted to go to the airport and I knew that I would not not get bored, otherwise I can drink some German beer before to leave. 

In Berlin-Schönefeld there is one small restaurant / bar that is specialist with the German beer. That was the good place to drink before to take my flight. When I entered in the in the restaurant it was not many folks there, and I wanted to charge my phone before my trip. The only free plug was near to a man, and I asked to sit on the same table with him and he of course accepted. I will cal him Mr. V. 

Mr.V and me had been talking more than 4 hours. Mr V is living in Ireland and was on his way back home after spending X-mas with is family in Poland, a very interesting and social person. I had been talking and laughing with Mr. V, when we where both drinking beer. We discussed about the weather, about my blog and the importance of being social. Before to even take my flight we met an Italian cowboy who have a German girlfriend. 

That was my trip to Germany for two days, and the interview with Mr. Kamara I will write in the next article for you to know how our brothers and sisters are living in Germany, how many they are, their problems and the advantages. So keep online and share the blog with you friends.



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