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These juices and smoothies are made by blending fruits or vegetables or a mixture of both to make liquid beverages.  This tasty beverage helps you to lose weight much faster, but that is only if it is done in the right way. There are plenty ways to use juice and smoothies to make sure that you lose weight in a short while.But let us first get to understand what a juice is and what a smoothie is.

Juice are beverages made from varities kind of juicer or in vegetable or fruits. This means that they are the liquid form of whatever juice or vegetable they are squeezed out from. While smoothies are thick liquid beverages made from fruit or vegetable with other ingredients added. They are mostly in semiliquid form, and they can contain sweeteners, ice cream or even yogurt to enhance their thickness. And although one is liquid and the other is semi-solid, they are both made from fruits and vegetable, and they also both make it easier to consume much more fruit and vegetable than when they are eaten whole.

When it comes to best ways to lose weight, taking fruits and smoothies is not too good. This is because most of the weight you lose during this period is water and lean mass. And most times the moment you return to your regular diet you tend to regain the weight you have lost. But in this article, we are going to see how to do it in the right way and make sure you keep that trim shape of yours or lose those excess baggage around your body.

Mostly, smoothies and juices can be used to cure those sugar cravings and constant hunger pangs that make you feed excessively. Additionally, when some vegetables are made into smoothie they can help to burn excess fat in the body, and if you follow the plan well you will have gained an excellent shape in three weeks.

In this article, we have put together a list of how you can use smoothies and juices to shed excess fat. Also in just three weeks, you will see how much weight you can lose if you follow the right plan.


Some of the properties of smoothies and juices that make them effective for losing weight;

•    Low calorie

•    Contains protein and other ingredients that help you stay satisfied for more extended periods

•    They are nutrient dense

•    They help to reduce appetite


All these and a lot more are the reasons why this beverage will leave you feeling full for some time so that you don’t go about consuming much more calorie than you should. Also, there are still a lot of guidelines that one must follow when you want to lose weight through drinking smoothies or juice. These directions will keep the weight you lost from returning and will make sure that it works much more efficiently.




According to a review published by AHRQ for comparative effectiveness in 2013, losing about 1-2 pound is pretty healthy per week. Therefore it is advisable that you are careful not to exceed your limit. So depending on the number of pounds you are willing to lose per week you can follow these guidelines strictly;

Take other things apart from smoothies and juices

Although our focus in this article is how to lose weight in three weeks by taking juices and smoothies, it is equally important to note that you should take solid food once in a while. This is because it is hazardous for the body system to go without solid food for a long time. Also, it is not advisable to go on a juice fast as this can change the way your body works. This has even been found to cause eating disorder in some people. So for those three weeks take solid food along with the juice plan but make sure that the food is healthy and considerably smaller than the portions you usually take before. This means that you should place your attention more on the juice and smoothie.


Have a juice plan

During the three weeks weight loss exercise, you must have a plan that helps you lose weight. This means that you should plan how much juice you will drink in one day and at what time intervals you want to drink it. Here are some tips for you juice plan;

  • Use hot water to take your juice or smoothie early in the morning
  • Stick more to green juices and smoothies, e.g., spinach, lettuce, kale, etc.
  • Don’t add sugar, milk, yogurt or sweeteners to the juice or smoothie.
  • Start replacing one meal each day with juice or smoothie.
  • Make sure you don’t stay up to 10 days without solid food.
  • Make sure that the juice you are taking is fresh not one bought from the store.
  • Also, the meals that you want to take in-between juices should only contain lean protein, whole-grain carbohydrates, nuts, seeds and some dairy products.
  • You can have solid food for dinner.
  • Also get a weighing scale and monitor your weight loss every day.


Make it yourself

When a lot of people hear juice or smoothie, what immediately comes to mind is the item that is in the freezer of a store. But if you are aiming to lose weight by drinking juices and smoothies, then it is essential that you buy a blender or juice extractor and do it yourself. This is just because the packaged juice and smoothie has sweeteners and preservatives which will not be very helpful for your weight loss and this is because they are high in calorie. They are also not 100% juice, and this means that not all the nutrients that were in the first produce are contained in it.



The importance of exercise in weight loss cannot be overemphasized, and this is because they will help you to burn all the fat that has stored up in your body much more quickly than any other method. They also help to make the juice and smoothie you are taking burn up faster, and this will make sure that your body has less, but enough calorie.



All these tips are very essential if you to want to lose weight in 3 weeks with the help of juices and smoothies. And although you can lose up to 21 pounds in three weeks if you follow this routine, it is advisable not to go too hard on it. This is only due to the adverse effects it can have on your body. And since the body is used to having solid food, it cannot be easy to switch to juices and smoothies and have your body adapt immediately. So take it one step at a time to make sure that your body adjusts in the right manner. These guidelines are beneficial, and if you stick to them, you will get excellent results in that three weeks. Everything in this article has been well researched and accurately put together. So you can be sure that it is a method that works.

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