The 9 Best Kiss-Proof Lipsticks for NYE and Beyond


When it comes to finding the best long-lasting lipstick, surely the ultimate test for that is Christmas. What with all that eating and drinking (and drinking some more), it’s too much hassle to keep nipping to the loo for another application. But the one evening you really want your lippie to stay put? New Year’s Eve, of course. Seeing as we’ve tried many a lipstick, and the fact that this beauty editor has at least five lipsticks in her handbag at any one time (seriously, sometimes there’s more—it’s becoming something of a problem), here’s a quick rundown of the best long-lasting lipsticks out there. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a bold red or a deep plum, there are plenty of pencils, stains and traditional lipsticks that won’t rub off on your first glass of Champagne. The best bit is you don’t have to spend loads either (festive period = no money), as even some affordable ones can be just as long-lasting. Keep scrolling for our definitive guide to the best long-lasting lipsticks that will keep you looking fresh all NYE and ready to pucker up at midnight. 

Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks have a cult following quite simply because they offer some of the punchiest shades out there that somehow melt into lips, almost staining them so the colour remains in place, right up until the moment your cleanser hits.
The clue is in the name: Fenty’s liquid lip formula is has just as much colour punch as an acrylic paint. It sets to lips without cracking and has that weird ability to flatter all skin tones. We love the stuff so much, we thought we’d show you three ways to wear it.
We love the teeny nib of Hourglass’ lipstick, which makes light work of a precise lip line. The formula is surprisingly buttery too, which means it feels ultra-comfortable on the lips.
This goes on liquid and then dries matte. What you’re left with is an incredibly pigmented lip colour as well as an immovable lipstick. 
Burberry offers a great colour spectrum on its lipsticks, and its whole makeup range has been consistently impressive. These are great if you want a lighter colour that looks incredible and won’t come off on your first sip of booze. 
Another lippie that delivers incredible long-lasting colour but is also super pigmented is this one from Nars. Bonus tip: Ensure you put on a little bit of lip balm before applying so your lips don’t get too dry. 
If you’re looking for a great all-rounder, then stop your search for we’ve found your lipstick. The finish is slightly matte but that means it’ll last all night with minimal touch-ups required. 
After some different/alternative colours to your classics? Head to Urban Decay for an incredible selection. Not only does the cult beauty brand have many different hues (from bright purple to orange), its formulas will also stay put all night. 

Next up! Are you making these lipstick mistakes?

Opening Image: H&M

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