11 Scented Candles That Literally Smell Like Winter at Its Best


If you haven’t noticed, winter is heading our way, and it’s bringing with it darker evenings, colder weather and the need for all things knitted. But it isn’t all bad, as these cosy evenings do give us more of an excuse to start lighting scented candles in every room of the house.

But rather than the fresh, bright scents you’ve been burning all summer, winter candles in smoky, woody and spicy scents will create an all-around cosier atmosphere, perfect for nights spent in front of Netflix with a glass of wine in tow.

As self-confessed candle aficionados, we’ve pulled together our nine favourite winter candles that will take the edge off the gloomier weather. Click through to shop our edit.

The scent of this candle has a particularly sturdy base, thanks to the heady notes of Himalayan cedarwood, but the tobacco leaves and spicy ginger are what give the scent its mesmerising quality.
Picture this: You’re curled up on the sofa reading a good book, and there’s an open fire gently flickering in the background. This candle captures that exact moment: There are hints of smoky Palo Santo wood, spicy cinnamon and green moss.
This candle brings together all the best parts of mulled wine (star anise, cardamom and juniper) without the hangover.
Winter just isn’t winter without a Pomegranate Noir candle burning in the background. It’s a rich mix of pomegranate, raspberry and plum juices topped with spicy wood and pink pepper. It’s opulent but in a moorish way.
“Hygge” might be a bit 2016, but this candle, with its notes of tea, rose petals and wild mint, makes us sleepy just thinking about it.
The juxtaposition of fresh, clean lavender and headier smoke notes makes for an unusual scent in this candle. We love the added amethyst and quartz crystals that promise to emit positive energy as you burn it.
It’s as though Molton Brown has squeezed the scent from a million Christmas trees to funnel into this candle, which has that freshness of pine needles muddled with a little dash of musk and bright juniper berries. 
With crushed rock salt and sweet, creamy caramel, this candle smells even better than even the most decadent dessert.
Lashings of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg surround a base of zesty orange and fresh apple that’s finished with a dollop of warm vanilla. It’s all the best smells of a Christmas pudding in a candle. Up next: Looking for a unique scent for yourself? Try one of these niche perfume brands your friends won’t know about yet.

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