Who are those famous and rich young people shaking the internet in Africa ?

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Zari , Coco Emilia, Bobrisky, Emma Lohoues, Sora’s Sisters, those young African people who are shaking the social networks and the African continent .

They are beautiful, stylish, intelligent, business people, and rich. They are living in bling bling and they don’t miss any occasion to show us their beautiful houses, cars, outfits and their dream trips. They are popular and they are shaking Africa and the social networks. From their Instagram account, by their Facebook account to their Snap chat account they have thousands followers.

So who are them ?

Lets see who are them.

Zari the boss lady

She is from Uganda, was born in 1980 her name is Zarinah Hassan aka Zarithebosslady .

She is beautiful, intelligent and have taste about what to wear . She has the biggest female name in Uganda entertainment industry. From what she wears and rock in it to what she drives, she look satisfied with her lovely family.

Her famous life partner who is Platiniumz Diamond is the lucky one to have such of beauty worker. Zari is also a big business lady who travel all the time .From one plane to another she is also taking care

https://www.instagram.com/zarithebosslady of her beautiful five children .

Zari has 3.4 millions of followers on her Instagram account. She is educated in london and she is winner of the best East African video Award with Channel O in 2008 but now she is not singing anymore.

Doing what she like to make her followers happy with beautiful shoot of her princess life. She doesn’t give a damn to any negativity talk about her. Lovely, zari is shaking social network.



Coco Emilia

She is from Cameroon, was born in 1990 her name is Coco Emilia aka Biscuit De Mer in french that mean “sea biscuit”.

She is beautiful, stylish, intelligent and a business lady. She is considered like the Kim Kardashian of Cameroon, the young lady never miss a occasion to expose her class life on her officials social network account. Luxurious cars, dream trips, expensive outfits, and strong business mind Coco has all to make her fans satisfied. Mom of a boy Coco, she just finished to build her first duplex house where she spend a lot of thousands of Euro in the decoration. She has a big taste about what to wear and what to drive, she has 215 thousands of followers on her Instagram account. From one plane to another, the young lady is solicited for many different big event in the Francophone side of Africa. Coco like to help helpless and orphans. She is the image of big cosmetic companies in her country and she is the example of many young girls.https://www.instagram.com/biscuitdemer/


@Biscuitdemer is shaking social network in Africa by her inestimable taste of luxe and her free mind . She his the founder of Elyam which is the eyes lashes saloon and she said that she has many big project coming soon .




He is from Nigeria, was born in 1992 his name is Idris Okuneye Olarenwaju aka Bobrisky

He is the Nigerian male barbie, stylish, good dancer, good make up artist, good cook and business barbie Bobrisky is the snap chat queen of Nigeria. He has the self confidence and have his own cosmetic product brand.

He has almost 30000 view on her snap chat every day with 373 thousands of followers on Instagram account his fans are fascinated by his big taste of outfits,his living duplex house, his luxurious cars and his Bae who is spoiling him with money.

Every ones want to know about the Bae of the Nigerian barbie.the one that wo is dashing millions of Naira on him. From one American state to another European country Bobrisky is inviting to the different diaspora event.

He is solicited for new song song promotion and in Nigeria that he even just finish with his first song

which title is BARBIE..


Bobrisky has good heart and help a lot of people around him,he has transform the life of his gate man from unknown to the famous. He doesn’t care about what people think or say about him he is doing his life ,some called him gay and other say trans but bobrisky is bobrisky .just doing what he want by slaying and rocking with his slogan” OSHEY BADEST” we love him and he is shaking the socials network in Africa.


Emma lohoues

She is from Ivory Coast and was born in 1986 name is Emma Lohoues aka Emma LOLO

She is actress ,model,beautiful intelligent and a successful business lady. She is passionate about acting and fashion. Mom of a boy Emma is working hard days and nights to make herself in the comfort.

She has her own cosmetic brand,own one shop for fashion and trends and just open her night club


VOGUE club .she is building her duplex and traveling a lot.

Emma is also part of the TV show on Aplus. She has been in many movies in Africa and some in Europe,win many different price and nomination. Emma is completely a strong business lady today working to expend her empire everyday she is in the center of many buzz in her country .traveling from Africa by Europe to America Emma doesn’t have border to do what she feels and don’t care about gossip around her .dreamed life ,big car,expensive clothes she is following by271 thousands of fans on her Instagram account.


Sora’s Sisters

They come from Mali,and it is about Diaba Sora the elder ,Moussou Sora the medium sister and the last sister name is Koudedia Sora. They are beautiful ,rich and famous.

Diaba is following by 155 thousands of fans on Instagram and have millions of views on her snap chat account. https://www.instagram.com/diaba_sora/

Moussou is following by 50 thousands and 600 fan on her Instagram account and she has millions of views on her snap chap every day. https://www.instagram.com/moussousora/

Koudedia Sora is following by 114 thousand of fans on her instagram account and has millions of views on her snap chat account every day.https://www.instagram.com/koudeiidiia/

They are the sisters sora, they have the dream life and do expensive shopping around the world. They like to create big event in their country , living luxurious life, driving expensive cars nothing can stop the Sora’s sister to do what they feel and like to do. In center of all the buzz of their country, Diaba, Mousso and Koudedia are shaking the internet and the continent in Africa.

I am fan off all of them and I like them all. i hope you had like to read this article. You can follows us on Instagram@afrikanlifestyle_sweden or facebook afrikanlifestyle sweden.  Thank you lovely I love you all.




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