Easy Holiday Cake Recipes


Holiday Easy Cake Recipes

Feast your eyes and satisfy your craving with our list of easy holiday cake recipes that is sure to wow your family and guests.

We all know though that there is nothing more satisfying than a showstopper, decadent and beautiful cake to end your holiday meal. You can have all the desserts but let’s agree that cakes make every occasion and holidays extra special. Perhaps, the reason behind it is because of the extra labor that involves in baking and garnishing a cake. Agree?

But I know we are all too busy during the holidays, so I come up with a list of holiday easy cake recipes that delivers a beautiful and tasty cake without too much technicality. Some of you might find it hard to come up with holiday cakes like these, but trust me, they are pretty easy to make. 

Let’s get going and make the holiday season more sumptuous with these out-of-this-world, indulgent yet easy cake recipes.

1. Italian Cream Cake – an easy and elegant moist layered cake with coconut flakes and pecans for that added texture; and generously layered and covered with cream cheese frosting to top it all. The addition of pecans and coconut in the batter is what makes it so special. And don’t worry, newbies can pull off this failproof classic Southern layered-cake. 

Once the pecans and coconut flakes batter is baked through, you just let it cool down first before you start layering them and covering it with luscious cream choose frosting. You may garnish this cake with crushed pecans on the side or leave it out. This is going to be a showstopper yet an easy cake recipe for the holidays. Get the RECIPE HERE.


2. Caramel Cake – moist and tender layered-cake wrapped and sandwiched in real caramel goodness with that perfect gooey sweet combo. This layered cake here is pretty popular for being a tedious one. But it doesn’t have to be.

 Its caramel frosting – the star of this show- is quite easy to prep, actually. No eggs, no cream. You just need FOUR ingredients to make this frosting and just dump them all in a saucepan with no continuous stirring and no candy thermometer needed. However, you need to keep a close watch while you make the frosting. You’ll fall in love with the balanced sweetness and saltiness of caramel in this decadent cake. Get the RECIPE HERE. 


3. Hummingbird Cake – A classic Southern super easy, indulgent and stick-to-your-fork moist cake featuring the tropical combination of bananas and crushed pineapples with toasted pecans; generously layered, covered with cream cheese frosting.

If you want some fruity and tropical flavors to your cake, then this easy holiday Hummingbird Cake is just right for you. The natural sweetness of ripe bananas and crushed pineapple adds depth of flavor onto this cake without being too sweet and fatty. You can even whip this up without using a mixer. Totally irresistible in every slice! Get the RECIPE HERE. 


4. Carrot Pineapple Cake – this list won’t be “THE LIST” without one of my all-time fave Carrot Pineapple Cake. It is a deliciously moist cake loaded with fresh grated carrots and crushed pineapple, all topped off with a silky smooth cream cheese icing and for some crunch toasted coconut flakes

If you want a better texture on your cake, go for this triple combo – pineapple, carrots and coconut flakes. You will also love the hint of grated orange and vanilla in this recipe that makes it extra bright and refreshing. Your taste buds are going to sing for joy! Get the RECIPE HERE.


5. Pineapple Upside Down Cake – The combination of juicy tart pineapple up against the sweet caramel and buttery cake is extremely enticing. This one here is made entirely from scratch – bursting with tropical flavors – spiced with rum, nutmeg and fortified with ground almonds.

That added nutty flavor from ground almonds goes perfectly well with the pineapples in this easy cake recipe while also achieving a perfectly moist cake. Truly a delightful and beautiful cake to serve up during the holidays! Get the RECIPE HERE.


6. Light Fruit Cake – You’d never look back once you try this rich, luscious Madeira cake. So fluffy and moist  with a  wonderful buttery taste. Like other fruit cakes, this one is loaded with candied fruits and rum macerated raisins, BUT it’s not too heavy and not too sweet. You can even have this a breakfast. 

This tasty cake has a great texture for soaking up rum, syrup and sauces, and it does not get soggy when mixed with the aforementioned ingredients. It also freezes well and a good cake to ice. Get the RECIPE HERE.


7. No Bake Key Lime Mango Coconut Cheese Cake Pie – This delicious cake pie may look so “summer-y” but you can definitely enjoy this all year round especially this time of the year. Switch things up with this luscious cake full of amazing lime and coconut flavor! Moist, creamy and so heavenly! 

Don’t let all those layers fool you.  It’s actually super-easy to make – no need to pop them in the oven. It only takes 30 minutes to assemble this and then refrigerate it with covered plastic for 2 1/2 – 3 hours and you’re all set to WOW your guests and family. Perfectly sweet, tart and Sinfully Good! Get the RECIPE HERE.


8. Malva Pudding Chocolate Cake – Rich, moist, chocolaty and oh so easy! What’s not to love with this tempting treat? Malva Pudding is a decadent traditional South African dessert. If you want chocolate goodness for the holidays, this one I’d highly recommend.

You’ll go bananas with its caramelized exterior and baked spongy interior. And when soaked in warm chocolate butter sauce served with whipped cream or ice cream, you’ll be over the moon! It’s super easy to make with its simple and no fuss baking steps. Get the RECIPE HERE.


9. Rum Cake with Rum Butter Sauce – This cake baked from scratch is totally a keeper with its buttery and dense texture. It soaks well with the butter rum sauce. If for some reason, you really do not want to be bothered with the rum, you can ice it or use simple syrup to make it moist – without that it is not a moist cake, just tender. But you’ll still love it with or without the sauce.

But why skip the sauce when all you need to do is toss all the ingredients in a saucepan and continuously stir? Then let it cool first before you spoon the syrup over the cake. So make use of those holiday rum with this moist and tasty Rum Cake. Get the RECIPE HERE.


Hope this list of holiday easy cake recipes will help you decide which one to prep. What’s your favorite holiday cake so far? Happy holidays, everyone!

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