How to use Granola for weightloss and other health benefits

Weight Loss

Granola, weight loss and other health benefits

In all honesty, Granola is not very common in our diets in Africa. As good as this is especially in ensuring weight loss, it is still ignored maybe because of exposure? Most people don’t even know what Granola is and even if they did, a good number have no idea about its many benefits.

Granola is majorly composed of honey, nuts and rice baked until crisp and sold in stores as a fibre-filled box. Granola bars (like protein bars) can be adopted too especially if you are an on-the-go person and need your daily dose of Granola. It contains vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients including dietary fibres, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin, iron and thiamine. All these nutrients and components give it the health benefits characteristics attributed to it.

Now to the topic of today, Granola and weight loss, what is the correlation?

Granola is low in cholesterol and sodium which are some of the many causes of chronic obesity. Because of the high fibre content which also aids digestion by the way, granola makes you feel full thereby reducing your appetite for food consequently inhibiting the release of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry. It is a lightweight food that anyone trying to get into shape should jump on.

Note this; what most websites won’t tell you is that when food companies produce this, they add lots of sugar which could put you in danger of consuming excess sugar. Because it is tagged ‘healthy,’ you will naturally want to take large quantities of Granola plus milk (added 50 calories or so), but caution should not be thrown in the wind. Pay attention to the serving size (take smaller quantities) and ingredients in your Granola fibre box especially Granola bars, that way you could bypass the added sugars and artificial ingredients pumped into it.

Onto some other benefits of Granola:

  • Granola contains manganese which acts as an antioxidant in eliminating the by-products of metabolism that mutate healthy cells into cancerous cells, thereby reducing your risks of cancer and heart diseases.
  • Iron is a significant component of Granola which counteracts the many of the symptoms of anaemia (a deficiency of iron in the blood).
  • Granola aids in managing diabetes, metabolism and digestion because of its fibre content.
  • Vitamin E present in Granola helps reduce the harmful effects of sunburn on the skin, protects from premature aging and wrinkles, and strengthen capillary walls to improve.
  • Granola is a good source of potassium which boosts energy level and cognitive functions in the body.

Consume Granola in moderation. Moderation is key, always.


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