Elizabeth Sulcer Is the Woman Behind Your Favorite Street Style Looks


You may not know Elizabeth Sulcer’s name, but you definitely know her work. As the stylist behind the Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Taylor Hill, and a host of other It-girls, Sulcer is officially Hollywood’s go-to talent for crafting memory-making red carpet and street style moments. After studying design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Sulcer cut her teeth as an apprentice to Alexander McQueen. From there she became the fashion director of Black Book magazine, eventually breaking out on her own, styling campaigns for Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline. It’s no surprise that earlier this month, Revolve named her Stylist of the Year at their inaugural Revolve Awards. While in L.A. for the awards, we chatted with Sulcer about Instagram’s effect on her career and that unforgettable Bella Hadid Cannes moment.

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Elisabeth Sulcer at the 2018 Revolve Awards


You here accepting the award for Stylist of the Year. How does it make you feel?

It’s exciting. I don’t normally think about stuff like this. I’m always knee-deep in the work and the look thinking about the jobs, inspiration, and concepts, so to receive an award is exciting. It’s nice to stop for a second and reflect on the past and the present and everything’s that happening in the future.

Stylists are traditionally behind the scenes people, but now they’re becoming celebs in their own right. Thoughts?

There are a lot of labels for how people see others. I’m an artist and of course I’m a stylist but I wear many hats. Whether you’re a stylist or photographer, there’s a lot of opportunity to work with brands in a deeper, more connected way. If you become more famous because of that, that’s great, but it’s not the goal. I think it’s definitely [due to] hard work and talent and perseverance and building your reputation. Instagram’s definitely brought behind-the-scenes people to the forefront. I think it’s exciting

How has Instagram effected your career?

Instagram is amazing and I fully embraced it from the beginning. I’m a very visual person and I love creating my look and vision on the platform. I think it’s a great way to find new designers, to connect, and to showcase your brand in an authentic way that’s different from just your portfolio.

I read that Old Hollywood glamour influences your styling. How does that translate to clothing?

On the red carpet I love Old Hollywood glamour and in street style, I kind of love this ’90s, sort of Kate Moss, Calvin Klein meets French Vogue. It’s a European aesthetic but a little more New York street. I’m kind of playing with two different voices in my work, though they’re both really me. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved the idea and magic of Hollywood. It’s a dream world that’s stuck with me.

Bella Hadid at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival


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I can’t do this interview without talking to you about Bella Hadid’s 2016 Cannes Film Festival look. How does a moment like that come together?

It’s hard to predict how something’s going to end, but whenever we create a look, we strive for greatness. Bella is incredibly strong and beautiful and confident, so we took that risk together and pushed for the greatness together. It turned out amazing.

Did you know it was going to be that big of a splash?

You know I really didn’t have time to think about it. We weren’t planning it for months. We didn’t have that much time. I knew it would be great but you can never predict. Of course, we were thrilled, but I don’t think that way. I don’t project into the future. I just follow my heart and my vision and we do what we love as a team. That’s all.

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