Is There a Way to Drink Coffee Without Aggravating Ulcers?

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Stomach ulcers are extremely common in adults and can affect both men and women. They occur when the mucosal lining of the stomach is insufficient in protecting the stomach from very potent gastric juices and acids.
These acids then eat away at the stomach tissues which can cause an ulcer. Ulcers can be extremely painful and cause great discomfort. Although they can vary in severity, there are certain foods that are known to aggravate an ulcer. Is There a Way to Drink Coffee Without Aggravating Ulcers?
Coffee, is a widely popular beverage that is often avoided with an ulcer. But if you must have your morning coffee to make it through your day, is there a way to drink coffee without aggravating your existing ulcers?
Causes of ulcers and recommended diet
It was previously thought that most ulcers were caused by acidic foods, such as coffee, but we now know that majority of ulcers are caused by a bacterial infection of helicobacter pylori, or by the chronic usage of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
The most common symptom is a burning sensation in the stomach, especially when it is empty. You may also experience weight loss, fatigue, acid reflux, or heartburn. Sometimes you might notice the pain is improved when you eat or take antacids.
By contrast, the pain may worsen when you consume certain foods such as alcohol, any beverage with caffeine, spicy food, or acidic food that is designed to increase your body’s acidity. Therefore, it is often recommended you avoid certain foods especially before bedtime. The last thing you want is your dinner aggravating your ulcer leaving you unable to sleep at night.
Drinking coffee with an ulcer
Coffee comes in several varieties and has several effects on the body. It can help wake you up, improve your memory and help you stay alert throughout the day. It also has several effects on the body which include increased metabolic rate and body temperature, improved blood flow, as well as elevated heart rate.
Overconsumption of coffee can have several negative effects such as fatigue, nausea, trouble sleeping, and gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, it is important to consider certain recommendations if you want to continue to drink coffee when you are diagnosed with an ulcer.
Coffee will not irritate ulcers in everyone, so you should change your normal coffee consumption based on your need or degree of discomfort. Coffee is both acidic and contains caffeine which is usually avoided under doctor’s orders.
Choosing a coffee with a lower caffeine amount, such as a dark roast, can reduce the potential of upsetting an ulcer. You may also want to try drinking coffee with food as sometimes ulcers are aggravated on an empty stomach. If you are still experiencing discomfort from your ulcer while drinking coffee after switching to a different roast of pairing it with food, you may need to cut coffee out of your diet until your ulcer is healed.
Ulcer recovery
Most ulcers heal over time and are usually treated with antibiotics and probiotics to stave away the bacteria. In addition to antibiotics, doctors usually prescribe medicines that reduce or block the production of stomach acids. In very severe cases, surgery may be required.
The most important thing you can do if you are experiencing an ulcer is to eat a healthy diet and listen to your body to determine how it responds to certain foods such as coffee. Although most ulcers resolve within a few weeks to a few months, you should alter your diet to reduce the potential of aggravating your ulcer and to help aid in your body’s recovery.

Bio: Since the conception of We Dream of Coffee, Sarah has learned more than just making a great cup of coffee. She wants to share what she’s learned about its benefits and how to drink it in moderation.

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