Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Shade Range Is Getting Thankful Reviews from People With Albinism


Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty isn’t the only beauty line to offer a wide range of foundation shades, but its forty shade spectrum launch has won the brand fast fans:

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One of those fans, Krystal Robertson, is an albino woman who’d previously had trouble finding a foundation shade that matched her. As she put it in a gushing Instagram post, “@fentybeauty I’m freaking out!!! #110 #PerfextMatch ???? #WhatSkin!!!! …rethinking all the times I ended up orange ??? its a new world great job @badgalriri ???? #AlbinoMatch ??”:

Robertson, whose Facebook profile lists her as a resident of Mississippi, also posted about Fenty Beauty’s #110 on the private Facebook group BeautyBook, sharing many of the same thoughts. The foundation love got her a shoutout on none other than Bad Gal Riri’s own Instagram Story:

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She then further shared her experiences with previous light foundations, noting that while they usually settled into a color with yellower undertones, Fenty Beauty was the only foundation that actually blended with her skin tone:


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She also added, “It actually means the world that she not only made an [sic] diversity of shades for all women of color but she brought us all together. When I was in Sephora all the women were doing their swatches and complimenting each other (all skin tones) and giving advice for how the [Killawatt highligheter] trophy wife can also be an eye shadow”:

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PopSugar also interviewed Frey Prevett, an albino person who shared their thoughts on Fenty Beauty’s lighter foundations on Facebook:

Speaking to PopSugar, Prevett added, “I have a couple of friends who also have albinism, and lots of other friends who are pretty pale, and they’d asked me on an earlier post to review what I thought of it. Out of the dozen or so foundations I’ve purchased in the past couple years, only one of them has been wearable at all.

And although a lot of high-end products have lighter shades, it’s frustrating to be expected to pay triple or more what a drugstore foundation would be because there are no shades that match you.”

Between these laudatory posts and those viral photos of Fenty Beauty’s darker foundations selling out, it seems that Fenty Beauty’s first round of foundations has already won it forever fans.

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