The Nike Cortez is Getting Another Makeover


In an effort to continue shoe of summer domination, Nike has teamed up with Andrea Lieberman, celebrity stylist and A.L.C. founder, to reimagine the Nike Cortez in three luxe new colorways.

Danielle Levitt

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Cortez by A.L.C, $100; see for on-sale details

Lieberman has styled her ready-to-wear collections with the Nike Cortez for six seasons, so it’s no surprise the brand looked to the designer for a reimagining. “I’m a ’70s kid, so I grew up with the famous Farrah Fawcett Cortez poster on my wall and the iconic shoes on my feet,” she says. “The Cortez have always slid right into my wardrobe. Through the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, I wore them very casually, pairing them with jeans and a tee or cashmere turtleneck. Now, even though my style has evolved, I still find that they fit seamlessly into my repertoire. I still pair them with jeans, but I also opt for them with a pair of gauchos and silk top or a printed dress.”


Danielle Levitt

Available for $100 at Nordstrom at the Grove (in the Nordstrom x Nike shop) on August 25 and,, and starting August 28, each shoe features an inspirational phrase on the sock liner: “Love More” (terra blush), “Do It. Own It” (oil gray) and “Think How You Can” (light orewood brown).

Gabby Douglas

Danielle Levitt

Photographed in Venice, California the Cortez by A.L.C. campaign features Olympian and Nike athlete, Gabby Douglas, and models Bhumika Arora and Cindy Bruna, modeling the versatile shoe. “Pairing more fashion forward pieces with a Cortez keeps it real,” advises Lieberman. “I think this shoe represents individuality and personal style. It’s why we designed them to be tonal—so they could easily pair to any look. And it’s why we developed extra-long laces—so the wearer can tie them around their ankles and really make them their own.”

Mark your calendars now. If we’ve learned anything, from Nike’s last Cortez release, these will sell out.

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